Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why can't they just let me go away peacefully?..........................

Yes, I am referring to the public school system, and I am feeling this urge to become a school shooter so I thought if I talked about it in print it would help me to relax and let it go.

Last March (23rd) I got this urgent call that my youngest had not yet paid for her AP statistics exam, and if she didn't pay that day she would not be able to take the exam in May. If she does well on the exam she will not have to take the class in college so we wanted her to take the test. Long story short I rushed around and got a check to the school that day.

The check has yet to be cashed.

When I checked on it at the very beginning of May the lady told me they had to wait until the test was given to cash the checks to be sure that all the kids had paid. This made no sense to me at all, and in my opinion is no way to run a business, but the test was two days away at that point in time so I let it go.

A week after the test the check had still not been cashed so I tried to call the lady, she wasn't in, so I left a very sweet message with the assistant principal and ask him to look into the matter for me.

Today (May 31) I called the lady again to be told that the checks can not be cashed until the kids that ended up not taking the tests are given back their money, and the kids that took the test without paying for it payed. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Apparently the original due date for money of March 23 didn't really mean anything. Apparently this woman felt it was fine to lie to me about the fact that the checks would be cashed as soon as the test was given. Apparently most people don't care to keep their checkbooks up to date.

Half-way through her speech about why my check could not be cashed, I interrupted her to inform her that I didn't care about anything but getting my check cashed. I gave her my own little speech about how my daughter is slated to graduate in three days and if she does not have all of her paper work done, any fines payed, books returned, yada, yada, that she will not be able to graduate and yet I have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE to take to make sure my check is cashed before graduation.

Then I hung up on her and called the assistant Principal, told him that I would appreciate him listening to me vent and them proceeded to tell him the exact same thing I had said to the secretary. His response, " Well, gosh! I am going to have to call the business office, no one has ever came to me with this problem before." Right! I am trying to get them to take my money, not get out of paying them. One would think they would be glad to do so.

I am rational enough to understand that within the big picture of life this is NOT a big deal. It isn't even a sorta big deal. Why am I getting all hyped up about it then?

Because it is one more little thing in a HUGE list of little things that should not be this hard. If I ran my business the way the school runs their business I would be living on the street by now. I pay taxes so they can make insane policies like this? Let's do the math... The test cost close to $100.00. Say 25 kids took the test making the total amount close to $2,500.00 sitting in a desk drawer instead of a bank account where it could be earning a tiny bit of interest. But what do they care about making money as they can just raise the next millage and I can pay higher taxes to not have any say in policy making? It makes me crazy!

Let it go Patty...

Tomorrow is senior breakfast, to which I am sending 2 pounds of ham. When I ask why I didn't just send in a whole ham I was informed that she (the person on the phone) was only one of six people making calls and they all had ham on their list, blah, blah, blah, so I simply told her this would not have been the way I would have structured it, but since I was not invited to help organize the breakfast I would just shut my mouth and send in the two pounds. Then my youngest and I crunched the numbers and had a good laugh at the thought of these women trying to figure out where in the world they were going to plug in the 65 crock pots with small amounts of various hot breakfast items each holding one to two pounds of something.

I hope they blow a fuse!

I feel better! Thanks for listening.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Random says, "I'm it!"......................

Tagged by Random,how could I say no thank you. Besides my oldest loves these kind of posts because she always learns something she didn't know about me before.

The Rules:*
Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.*
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.*
Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

1. My middle name at birth was Ellen. When I got married for the first time I dropped Ellen and took my maiden name as my middle name. Not for any women's lib reasons, but to keep a connection with the parents I didn't have any other memories of. My way of honoring them I guess.

2. I have an uncanny ability to recall telephone numbers. I have no idea why I can remember phone numbers in my head, I am not that good at math. One of the silliest arguments (my) Mister and I ever had (and I am picking from a vast assortment of silly arguments here folks) was the time I couldn't understand why he couldn't remember the phone number: 627-7627. NOT rocket science is it now? He couldn't understand why he needed to remember something he could write down and look up. Come to think of it I still don't think we ever found common ground on that one(the person that owned the number has been dead for four or five years so it is a mute point now anyway).

3. When I was little my aunt and uncle had a really mean little yappy dog named Patty. I hated that the dog had the same name as me. Not because I didn't want to share names, but because she was such a mean dog. Now that I think back on it, maybe that is where my mean, yappy streak comes from? See? I can't help it because I learned it from my name sake at an impressionable age.

4. Like Random, with the exception of a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, the only thing I drink is water. I don't understand how people can say they don't like the taste of water, I have actual cravings for the stuff. And I prefer the water at room temperature instead of cold even if I would burn more calories by drinking ice water. I am too greedy and love to drink the 8 to 16 ounces straight down rather than have to sip it due to the coldness of it.

5. Not because of number four, but because of training I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom JUST BEFORE I leave the house (go to bed and get up as well). Doesn't matter if I just went five minutes prior, it is so ingrained in me from childhood that I must go again, or at least try. I always made my kids do the same, but they don't seem to be as obsessed about it as I am now that they are adults.

6. Whenever we (Mister and I)go on a vacation we get a picture frame as a souvenir. We started the tradition on our honeymoon and have kept it up ever since. A few of the frames ended up never getting pictures in them and so we have adopted the face in those frames as member's of the family. After seven years don't you think they have earned the honor? Yes, they have names...Aunt Sue and Uncle Jake.

7. There were times in my life when I was afraid of driving. Like for the entire first year that I had my licence. One is on probation during this time and the law can take away one's licence for infractions so in order to avoid having this happen I simply choose not to drive. I guess I was black or white even back then.

Or when I got married and moved to the big city (which wasn't very big at all, but seemed HUGE to me compared where I came from. Used to country roads and four-way stop signs, I was blown away by the occasional over-pass). When I was five months pregnant with my oldest, I found an ad in the paper for a used high chair. The fact that we were so poor at the time trumped my fear of driving so I headed out (when the husband was out of town on business) to secure the chair for my unborn child. I ended up getting horribly lost, backing up (OFF) an (ON) ramp of another freeway that would have taken me to an even bigger city, crying, and scared to death I was going to run out of gas, thankful that I had enough money in my personal (hidden) slush fund to replace the gas that I had used so my husband wouldn't find out (NO! He did not physically abuse me, it was just his style of yelling in anger that made me avoid it at any and all costs. I was already feeling stupid enough without having anyone else share in those sentiments). I never got that high chair (but we did get one at a baby shower so all's well that ends well), and I kept my secret safe for many, many (has it really been close to twenty-eight already?) years. And yes, I can drive anywhere without too much anxiety these days, but I still really don't like too.

8. I hate putting pressure on people to do things they don't volunteer for. I made a horrible phone tree parent when the kids were in elementary school. I would rather bake fifteen dozen cookies rather than ask parents to help provide them. If friends ask me to host one of those in home parties, I would rather write them a check than ask other friends "to come over for a night of fun and to learn about some really great products." I also wrote checks instead of allowing my kids to participate in fund raisers. In spite of this...

I am actually going to fulfill all the requirements this time and actually tag eight people, as a growing experience for me. I hope I know that many bloggers. Here goes:

One 4 JC
Has to be me
(and) Steve...Welcome to my world!

I did it! Even if I had to search for number eight (a new blog), and tag a total stranger (my defense is that Random had to go and tag T-girl before I could).

Do me a favor. Click on Steve's link and go on over and give him a great big welcome. It just might encourage him to do the tag for me.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My newest love....................................

Aren't they FABULOUS? Yes they have ruffles...leather ruffles that accent my toes perfectly.

During out last trip to DSW (to accumulate yet more points during a double points day) I was just about to leave when I spotted them. First I have to say I am a sucker for polka dots (what do these polka dots remind you of M?), but the ruffles are what sealed the deal.

I am pretty sure that this is only the second pair of shoes I have ever paid full price for ($32.00) but some things one just can't be made to resist.

My only dilemma now is that I had decided what I was going to wear to graduation but now that I have these new shoes I just might have to change my outfit so I can wear them. There isn't that same rule about not outshining the graduate as there is about not outshining the bride is there? Tough! I am her mother so I can do what I want, and she can wear out new leopard print ones (we went in halvesies on them) and that will make her happy.

And did I tell you I have made a pledge not to wear any heels after July 7 (if we go to the wedding) until after the marathon? Don't want to mess up my feet with all the increased training. Good thing I don't consider wedges as heels isn't it? Otherwise I would have nothing to wear and would have to buy a bunch of new flats. On second thought...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Party follow-up.......................................

Remember how my goal for the graduation party was to be kind to myself? Well I wanted to share how successful this ended up being because I am pretty proud of me.

(my) Mister took the three days before the party off of work and I could not have pulled things off without his help. I did some major cooking both Thursday and Friday while he did most of the OP care. Thank you sweetheart!

Both days I took some time out and took the dogs for a walk.

Now this might not sound like any big deal to you, but it is huge self-care for me. The old me would have taken that time to stew, fret, and do 500 other things instead of taking time to rest and regroup. I can't begin to tell you how happy my inner child was about getting to go out and play when there was so much work to be done!

Did everything get done that was on the list? Nope! And guess what? NO ONE DIED or any other horrible thing one might imagine. A few dishes never made it to the table (that just reminded me that I still have three large batches of finger jello in the back of the fridge...maybe Spanish class will eat them tomorrow), in rained a bit in the morning, and not all the floors ended up getting swept. Big deal! So what? Friends and family came together and enjoyed one an other's company. Who could ask for more than that?

It is kind of sad that I took so many years to catch onto the really important things in life. Maybe one of you youngsters out there reading this can take a lesson from this old(er) woman? Probably you will need to learn it on your own, which it totally an okay thing.

It isn't a horrible thing to push ourselves towards always doing our best, but often we tend to do so to the point of self-abuse with nothing ever being good enough to satisfy. This brings us full circle back to the concept, the need to practice self-love/kindness. Practicing these things on ourselves will only make us more able to give them abundantly to others.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The birds and the bees........................
A mama Robin had made a nest over the light on our garage and I finally saw the babies today, then my youngest and I were chatting about how her day at school went and a couple of bees flew into the room intent on "coupling," and I couldn't resist documenting the event.
Enough said!
Thoughts of loving kindness needed, please.............................

I rarely have to pump my own gas, as this is one of the (many) ways (my) Mister spoils me. For whatever reason, this was not the case one night last week.

I pulled into the gas station, my mind on the errand I needed to get done, and got out to fill the tank. Instantaneously I was bombarded with overwhelming feelings of sadness, panic, and anxiety. I felt physically sick to my stomach and I started to tear up. Wow! The guy pumping gas next to me was giving me a funny look so I explained to him that I was picking up feelings of people that had been to the station earlier and were freaking out about the current prices.

Believe it or not, he didn't think that was strange at all and we started chatting about the struggles many people would be having with the sudden increase in fuel prices, as well as the trickle down effect to the prices of everything else.

When I do body work on people I tend to pick up their feelings if I forget to put a circle of protection around myself before I begin to work on them. The feelings I were having were of this same nature, and I truly believe what I was feeling was left-over from previous customers.

We all know the current gas prices are insane. Do I like paying that much for a gallon of gas? Of course not. I am counting my blessings that we are able to make the necessary budget adjustments and are not in danger of having to chose between eating and filling up the tank.

I also know that this is not true for many people. People that were already struggling to make ends meet before the price increases, have got to be desperate now. They need your help!

Not to point fingers, to think they should have made different choices so they had greater incomes. Not to pass judgement of any kind.

Help them by holding them up in positive thought, and send loving kindness to them. It is the greatest gift one can give to another.

If you happen to be one of those in need of these things, I hope you can feel the love reaching out to you. We are all one, and all connected. We are in this together, and together we can accomplish any and all things!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A day to relax and collect my thoughts.................................

The party was a great success, good food, good friends, good conversation. My only complaint is I didn't have enough time to spend with everyone. All of the people that came to the party are very special to me and I don't get to see them, or spend time with them often enough.

And then yesterday was the 5K/10K trail race. (my) Mister did his first 5K race and finished in forty-three (43) minutes. I was (am) so proud of him! I know he is doing this running thing just to make me happy, but he didn't totally hate it, (and said he was only cursing me for the first mile and a half) but it also is going to be good for his health.

I did the 10K (6 miles) in one hour four minutes and twenty-two minutes (1:42:22) and considering how busy I was with the party the three days prior to the race I am VERY pleased and happy with my results.

So today I am spending in regrouping and catching my breath. Before you know it life will be back to normal and I will have time to get caught up on all of your blogs and get back to regular posts. How exciting it that?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have been tagged by One4JC so I thought I would play.

Here are the rules:1. Go to Wikipedia and put in your birthday, without the year, in the search bar.2. List on your blog 3 events, 2 births, 1 death and 1 holiday that happens(ed) on your birthday. 3. Then tag 5 more friends to do it!

October 7


1492 - Christopher Columbus misses Florida when he changes course

1928 - Paavo Nurmi runs world record ten miles (50:15.0)

1952 - "American Bandstand" debuts on a local Philadelphia station


1931 - Desmond Tutu - South African Archbishop and Nobel Laureate

1943 - Oliver North - U.S. Marine and Politician


1849 - Edgar Allan Poe - American Writer


Composer day in Brazil

I am suppose to tag five people, but I always feel like I am putting added pressure on someone by doing so. Bending the rules a little I am going to ask all of you to check out your birthday in the above fashion and report back any interesting finding for all of us to enjoy. I learned something doing this little tag, and I bet you will as well. If you don't blog, feel free to use the comment section for your sharing.

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's the little things that matter.............................

I have to share the astounding fact that I am peeing more peacefully now, and until Saturday I didn't even know there was a problem.

(my) Mister put up the final piece of trim around the bathroom door AND painted it to match the other two sides! Now when I sit down to go, I see tranquil turquoise blue (matching) door trim instead of glaring white NEEDS TO BE FINISHED blank space. It makes me so happy and warms my soul to have that finished.

Also, except for the largest pile of yard waste ever (which is suppose to be carted away today)my yard looks fabulous! I had my yard boy (doesn't that make me sound important and rich?) come over and spread new mulch in my flower beds, and we took the bricks from the side of the yard where we are going to pour concrete (after the party, I lose) and put them down on the other side of the house so now all the junk (bikes, wheel barrels, canoe, etc...) on that side is organized and no longer sitting in the dirt.

The best news is with just a couple of little things to finish the house is ready for the party this weekend so I can focus on the food which will be relaxing rather than stressful because it is all I have to do. (my) Mister it taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work to watch the OPs and help out. We have been having so much fun working together the last couple of weeks (at least I have, you would have to check with him to make sure he hasn't simply bitten his tongue off rather than squabble with me) that I am really looking forward to spending the extra time with him.

Last thing...While typing, I keep glancing out the big window that is directly in front of me and being startled by the trees. No! They are not any different, but we cleaned the window so now they look three dimensional again instead of distant and foggy. Isn't life grand?

Friday, May 11, 2007

I am a good mother, and the proof of that is in how much my family loves me................

In case any of you have missed the fact, Mother's Day is day after tomorrow. Two days ago, my oldest daughter called to tell me that she had just e-mailed me the latest, greatest picture of my grand-dog, and that she had put my Mother's day card in the mail but "I was not to open it until Mother's day." Of course I told her "I would do what I wanted, she couldn't stop me," but she understands I will not open it until the assigned time.

A few hours after our conversation, I could not help but think about what a great mother I have become over the years. Before you go thinking it is just me, bragging myself up a bit I want to share the a typical Mother's Day memory from my past.

I must have been somewhere around sixteen, and my Mother had been dead for eight years by this time. I wanted to spend the Saturday night before with a friend. Let me tell you that I must have really wanted to do this because in my household there was ALWAYS a price to be paid for having a little fun. I was allowed to spend the night, but my sister told me she would be picking me up early the next day so we could drive to the cemetery and put flowers on my Mother's grave.

Please don't take what I am about to type the wrong way. As an adult, I understand now the demons that haunted my sister, and pretty much ruined her life. What I am talking about here is what I was feeling as a sixteen-year-old kid.

The second I got in the car she "started in on me" about what an ungrateful child I was, and how could I even want to have fun instead of thinking of my mother? WHAT? I spent the night with a friend (for maybe the third time in my life), I was in the car on the way to the cemetery wasn't I? My mother was really nothing to me except a few pictures and a grave stone. I had no true memories of her, only stories that I had adopted as memories. How was I suppose to care?

As I was thinking about this memory, and thanking God that I had been able to let go of "guilting" my children (for the most part anyway. Sometimes a little guilt is a good thing) into doing something simply because I am their mother. Considering that I was in some type of dysfunctional environment through-out my entire childhood, I am pretty proud of how far I have come. How do I know that? The proof is in part two of the story.

Yesterday, a resident's son came over and gave me a Mother's Day story to read. It was an Ann Landers column and it contained the following poem:


If you are ever going to love me,
Love me now, while I can know
The sweetest and tender feelings
Which from true affections flow.
Love me now while I am living.
Do not wait until I am gone
And then have it chiseled in marble,
Sweet words on ice-cold stone.
If you have tender thoughts of me,
Please tell me now.
If you wait until I am sleeping,
Never to awaken,
There will be death between us,
And I won't hear you then.
So, if you love me, even a little bit
Let me know while I am living
So I can treasure it.

The letter was from a daughter that had found the poem among her Mother's things after her death. This daughter felt guilty for the way she had treated her mother and had taken her for granted when she was living, thinking she had forever to make things up to her.

All the regrets this woman had are all the things I get from my children (and Mister). No matter how busy they are, they take the time to let me know they love me, and set aside time just to spend with me. I know that this is not always easy for them (having passed on to them the crazy notion that I have about being able to do it all) but it is clear I am a priority in their lives. I must have done something right to deserve this kind of treatment. After reading that letter, I just felt the need to say out loud that I am glad (and proud) that none of them will ever have to write a letter of regret regarding our relationship. None of them will have to carry around feelings of guilt, that they might have done more. I am extremely secure in the fact that I am loved and cherished, by each of them. Their love is the greatest gift I could ever receive, and it is freely given three hundred and sixty five days of the year, not just remembered on the second Sunday in May each year.

My Mother's Day wish for each of you is that you might be able to say the same, about all of your relationships. If not, start today, before it is too late.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

(my) Mister, the miracle builder....................

Our new resident is short on one end (just like me...Do you know how thin I would be if only I were ten inches taller?).. She is also visually impaired, and uses a walker. The four inch platform that is needed so she can get in and out of bed independently caused her much anxiety stepping up and down as she feared (and who could blame her, new surroundings and all) walking right off the edge of it.

In typical Patty fashion I shared the problem with (my) Mister, and gave him the job of solving it. The above pictures are what he came up with. And he did it in under three hours (yes I was timing him, he has a long to do list. Don't worry he is used to it). I went out to check on his progress one time and he was about to cut some angle or another and he is "just standing there." (me) "What are you doing?" (him) "Trying to figure out if I am making this cut right?" (me) "Well just cut it." (he...with that there is MUCH more to it than that look on his face) "Just cut it?" (me) "How expensive is that piece of wood?" (him) A couple of bucks." (me) Well, that's okay then. Just trust your angels to get it right and cut it." (him... with that no way out/deer in the headlights look, as well as MAJOR skepticism in his voice.) "Alright then, but...

When I came back a few minutes later he was nailing it on to the base board, and it worked perfectly! (me) "Wow! That's great! I AM IMPRESSED!" (him... preening like a peacock, grinning from ear to ear) "An old wooden boat building technique I read about. Makes the perfect curve."

I still need to get to the store and get some kind of floor covering for it, but the true test of the ramps perfection came this morning when our new resident came out of the bedroom on her own. If she is feeling comfortable enough to use the ramp independently it is a wonderful success! Thanks honey! You came through for me again (as usual!). You're the best!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Places everyone! Hold that pose!
Just one more. That's it. Look like you're having fun!

One more thing crossed off the list this weekend, and prom festivities went off without a hitch. That is, if you don't think about the fact that I didn't take any pictures of my youngest alone, or of the back of her hair which turned out perfectly. The back of the hair is a standard picture in our family (remember mine?) how could I have slipped up so badly? Well, nothing I can do about it now is there?

Because I can't get away from the house I came up with this great idea for the kids to come over for drinks (this really surgery punch that I enjoyed way too much over the weekend) and appetizers. Because my youngest had her final college class on the semester on Saturday morning it put hair and everything else back several hours and we were still getting ready (arguing over her choice of lipstick color...she put on red with that color of dress and then got distressed as I was scrubbing it off) when it was time for everyone to arrive.

Regardless, everyone had a great time, and we did get enough pictures that you can all see how beautiful she looks...Just like her mother!

Sunday, I did two runs in preparation for the trail relay. I went out and did 5.5 in the morning, and then took a break from weeding in the early afternoon and did another 4 miles. (For whatever reason) I felt like running again in the late afternoon, but I refrained. About 8:00 in the evening it all caught up with me and I was down for the count for the remainder of the day. The plan for today is to take it easy (do you con yourself with words to that effect like I do?) and recover from the past week. Ya! Like that is going to happen... A girl can dream can't she?

Anyway, since blogging relaxes me I am starting my morning out with that (if you don't count the close to full days work I got done before 8:00 this morning. It felt good to let my fingers fly around the keyboard, thanks for being here so I could do that. Enjoy the prom pictures and I will be back soon.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time for a break with tradition............................

After the last "not my usual, well thought out post," I spent all day yesterday trying to find some quality writing time to compose a better one. As you might have noticed, none was found.

The room I use for respite care has been working like a revolving door as of late. I am not complaining, NOT AT ALL, just explaining why my time has been tied up. In addition to that, my new resident is suppose to be moving in this afternoon. WoooHoo! I say "suppose to be," because the last I heard the doc says she is, family says she is, but she says, I'm not moving, didn't I tell you? Well, I know I told one of you." Or something to that affect.

Then there is the big ole loomin party, that the youngest is too busy to help prepare for. Now why did I have to go and grow her up so responsible that she actually puts the time needed into activities and projects to do them well? Darn it all.

You would all be proud of me for my attitude about the party though. I am actually buying some of the food prepared rather than make it all myself. First time ever (not counting what other people have brought to parties in the past). Things like the ham (I don't eat it, what do I care what it taste like. My mother-in-law always got the ham from that Heavenly Ham place. If it was good enough for her, it is good enough for all of my guests.) and the breads to go with it. I get my family bread from one of those specialty bread stores that have popped up in the last couple of years as a treat. This time I am treating myself and my dear friend that offered to make homemade bread and rolls for the party. If anyone deserves a break today it would be her (I am just tagging along for the ride on this one because I can). Hang on to your hat
T-girl, I am NOT making the graduation cake myself either (and folks, be sure and check out the two that T-girl created for her daughters second birthday party). The cake happens to be the one thing I HAVE taken care of getting ordered. I told the lady the name, the school, half chocolate, half white, and to have fun creating because we didn't care what it looked like, just that we have one.

This might not seem like much of a big deal to most of you, but it is huge for me. Not killing myself to get ready for the party is just one more way I am honoring and loving myself. Aren't you all proud?

So why no time you're asking, right? Well, as you probably already know, having a party is the perfect excuse for getting all those little things done that you have been putting off for say, FOREVER! Having a time deadline gives you something to race against,something to shoot for(and something impossible according to someone around here last night. Do the initials (m) M give you any clues?).

The last couple of days I have been waiting with To Do list in hand when (my) Mister walks in the door from work. Last night, things progressed nicely in getting stuff from the attic for the new resident. While waiting for him to finish up with that, I thought I would be helpful and start cleaning the fish tank for him, as it has not gotten done since I ask him last Friday. Not being the one in charge of the fish tank (if I were it would not have gotten to the point where this morning when I looked at it, along with the one remaining (algae sucking) fish (who I threatened to flush for falling down on his little algae sucking job BTW) I thought to myself, "Dang! I thought that fish was black...It is actually brown speckled.") it had gotten to be one EXTREMELY dirty looking tank.

Anyway, as I was totally making a mess trying to get the plastic plants out so I could scrub them, I spilled some water on the floor. (my) Mister rushed to get something to wipe it up with, and as he headed into the kitchen I motioned towards the linen closet where there were some older hand towels two inches from where he was standing, and ask him why he needed to go all the way into the kitchen (which is at least two feet farther mind you). I come back and he is wiping up the floor with A BATH TOWEL! After enduring my "Woe is me, don't I already have enough laundry to do" lecture, he really didn't appreciate the statement, "It is a good thing you are not my child or you would be sitting at the table right now writing I WILL NOT BE SO STUPID NEXT TIME one hundred times. I thought it was nicer than swearing at him, which he also doesn't like, and always takes w-a-y personal.

Next I took him outside to get his help with another little thing that has been driving me bonkers. Last year, when we did the addition, we had to move the garage door that is our access to the back yard. Well, the door got put in, but never got finished and never got steps going to the outside. Also, the area right outside the door ( along the side of the garage) is where I stuck some extra Iris a couple of years back, and it is all over grown. We have this makeshift path that we put in using old paver type brick thingies and that too is all overgrown. This is an area where party goers are going to be walking to reach the back yard. I fear for their lives and simply wanted to pour a little concrete in the area to make it more safe and maybe a bit more welcoming and attractive. A eight or ten hour job tops. Right?

Well, not according to (my) Mister. He starts by telling me he helped a guy pour concrete once upon a time and it took then much longer. I replied that was because he didn't have me helping him. Then later he tells me he doesn't know how the best way to do it is, and when I bring up that he did it before, he says, "Ya! Thirty years ago." So what's his point? Isn't pouring concrete like riding a bike? Once you learn... He goes into how you have to dig down four inches, level it off, build a something or other...I had stopped listening by that time. "To speed up the process we can just extend the raised beds right here, and then we don't have to haul the dirt. Right? See! This will take no time. And if we don't get it done in time for the party, we can make sure it is level and throw a tarp over it so people aren't walking in mud. Right?" And no I am NOT telling you what the winner of the bet made over whether or not we get it done in the two week time frame gets. Not even one tiny clue!

See why I can't post? I sit down to write a simple I will often be MIA from blog land for the next couple of weeks and it turns into a mini novelette. I am totally out of control. I think it is because I feel so relaxed with the clean fish tank and the rearranged living room that is not off balanced with all the heavy furniture at one end since taking the huge computer desk out after Christmas when my youngest got her laptop, and never getting around to moving things where they needed to be. (my) Mister actually thought I was nuts (not for the first time or the last I am sure) because I really did feel off balance and like I was being sucked to the right towards the "heavy" side of the room. Can I help that I am so sensitive?

Much as I would like to sit here all day and keep writing, my own To Do list is ever growing and not going to do itself. So, don't worry if you don't hear from me for awhile. Besides being able to count on the constants of death and taxes, I also give you my word that you can count on my being back as soon as possible. You get to decide if that is a good or bad thing to be able to count on.