Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The kindness of a stranger......................................

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but this gift was meant to be shared as a perfect thing to give thanks for around the dinner table tomorrow.

A few months back I started being a hospice volunteer for a family with three (tweenish aged) children. Last September was the first time I threw a football in years but I tell you within a couple of weeks I was spiraling that bugger with the greatest of ease (just like riding a bike). Let me also say that I haven't a clue about computer war games, but it is enough that I just sit and watch so my lack on knowledge in that area has not been a problem so far.

Anyway, on last Monday's visit the plan was to make pies for the holiday. One of the girls wanted to have a pie to take to their celebration at school the following day and I had not brought the ingredients to make another one but told her we could run to the store and get fake/frozen pie crust and canned filling if she wanted to.

When we arrived at the store I discovered I had left my purse at home. YES! My life has been that crazy lately! What to do?

Not wanting to disappoint I told the girls to wait in the car (smaller town than the one I live in, and they ARE old enough) and I went inside and ask to talk to the manager. I explained to her that I had promised to help this child make a pie, had forgotten my purse, and was there some way she could float me a loan until the following afternoon when my husband got off work (he drives right by every day as part of his 50 minute commute). She said, "Sure. I can do that." After giving her a hug and many blessings, I went out and got the girls, we got the goods, and were on our way home in no time at all.

Back in the car, one of the girls ask me what I had said to the woman to get her to help us out. After I told her she said, "Man. I would never have the guts to do that." Which gave me a perfect in to share my belief that one should always ask/go for what they want because being told no is never the worst thing in the world and people will often surprise you by stepping up to help when you think your chances are slim to none.

So folks, listen up. It may appear that times are economically hard right now, and I am positive that the $12.00 that woman loaned me would have been felt had I not repaid her. SHE DID IT ANYWAY. I am not advocating that you take this story as license to spend money foolishly, or that you absolutely should put your change into every Salvation Army bucket you pass this season. What I am advocating is that you listen to your heart and if it prompts you to share something you have received with another then do so with without fear and without worrying that it will cause you lack. The best way to gain abundance is to practice gratitude by sharing what you have already been given.

I hope this story warms your soul and sets the tone for your holiday season. May your blessings be many and may your cup be filled to the brim with all your true hearts desire. Practice gratitude and give thanks, tomorrow and every day.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


The phone rang yesterday. It was my youngest...

"Hey, Mommy, Did I leave any of my books at home?"

(me) "Didn't know it was my day to watch them."

"Well, it's just strange. My satchel is here, but my books aren't with it and I was sure I had picked everything up this morning. I just thought maybe you would see them on the counter."

(me) Nope. No books as far as my eyes can see."

"Okay. Thanks for checking."

About fifteen minutes later the phone rings again...

"I've been robbed!"

(me) Wow! That's a little dramatic don't ya think?"

"No! I mean someone got into my car and took my books, Cd's, wallet, and tic-tacs."

"They took your tic-tacs?" Apparently you forgot to put a circle of protection around your car this morning when you went to class."

"Yeah, on both counts. I went back towards class, but something was just bugging me so I went back and checked and I realized that only some things were missing. But at least I have my drivers licence because you know how I never keep it in my... Oh! Wait! I took care of it after I voted so that was in there too."

(me) Okay. hold on a second. You are fine, it will be a hassle maybe, but as long as you are not hurt everything else can be dealt with.

"Ya! I know. I just need to get to class so I was wondering if you could call the bank and cancel my debit/ATM cards?"

(me) I'll take care of it, just stay in the moment and don't worry about anything else.

"Man! When I was driving in to the ramp today my gut was telling me to go park on the third level, but I didn't listen. Should have listened I guess?"

(me) Go to class, things will work themselves out."

Third phone call later in the day...

"Well, I went to campus security and reported what they took (ME - see one can't say break in if they don't lock their doors. And for the record, I am guilty of this as well). The guy ask me if I noticed it right away and I told him it took me about a half hour since it isn't all that uncommon for me to lose things. He said that they have been having a rash of theft in the ramp and he came and took finger prints off my car."

She is fine now folks. When she got home we talked about how violated it feels to know that someone had been in your space and took something from you, and yet no one can ever take the really important stuff, the stuff you are made of, unless you allow the experience to change you. Oh! And when I went to the store to buy bread I replaced her tic-tacs. See, I am not the heartless mother that it might seem I am at times.

I can't help but wonder if the person (s) that took her books were just up to mischief or if they were financially desperate. I like to think someone would only steal if they had no other choice (yup, rose colored glasses I know). I guess, for my sanity and peace of mind, I have to think that there are NOT that many people in the world that are just simply evil, that most of us are driven by perceived circumstances or beliefs.

And I sincerely hope that the few hundred bucks that the person (s) gets when they sell what they took goes to feeding hungry children or some other worthy effort.

It makes it easier for me to sleep at night having this belief, so let me be.